Super Bobby Bros.

Stop Motion Video

“Super Bobby Bros.” was created within the scope of a Stop Motion seminar in November 2015 and with Kévin Scotet and Alexandre Deffenain. This seminar was supervised by Julia Péguet, a very well known figure in the French world of animation (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken run, Shaun the sheep…).
The video is made of more than 1000 images, for an animation of 12 images per second. I was in charge of the conception of the main character (named Bobby) and of the animation of the inert objects.
The concept is made with the codes of the famous video game Super Mario Bros., but the little character is closer to Link of the Zelda series. Bobby has to fight against the different trash he meets on his way after leaving his notebook. Despite his efforts, the terrible “Game Over” appears…